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FishingActive™ FireGuard BBQ Mat: Camping Essential.

FishingActive™ FireGuard BBQ Mat: Camping Essential.

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FishingActive™ Fire Pit Mat: Fireproof, Heat-Resistant, perfect for camping and barbecuing. Order now and enjoy a safe outdoor experience!

Size and Weight:

  • S (28*28CM), weight: 71g
  • M (45*45CM), weight: 133g
  • L (50*50CM), weight: 160g


  • Made of fiberglass, high temperature resistant, will not catch fire, improving your outdoor safety.
  • Easy to clean, stains on the surface can be wiped off.
  • Suitable for outdoor barbecue, campfire, wood fireproofing, and heat insulation, an indispensable tool for outdoor enthusiasts.

The fire pit insulation mat provides a safe, effective, and flame-retardant barrier for indoor and outdoor fire pits. The grill splash pad is placed under the grill to collect any spills and splashes, preventing burns and melting marks on expensive decks and terraces, and avoiding damage to courtyards and lawns.

High Temperature Resistance: This is a special type of splash-proof paper that is heat and fire resistant. The working temperature is 700°C/1292°F, and the instantaneous operating temperature is 1500°C/2732°F. It can prevent sparks from falling on wooden stoves, campfires, etc., or catching fire or smoking in high-temperature environments. With 4 grommets, the mat can be firmly fixed to the ground.

High-Quality Heat-Resistant Material: Consists of two layers of heat-resistant and fire-resistant fabric. The first layer is fire-resistant fiberglass; the second layer is a silicone coating, which is waterproof and easy to clean. Fire-resistant fiberglass cloth is placed under the grill mat for outdoor grill deck protection.

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